Our team brings decades of experience having worked across every aspect of the entertainment, lifestyle, consumer and corporate spectrum. George Garcia founded GEO Promotions to bring a fresh perspective and innovative ideas that produce results.

At GEO PROMOTIONS, you will find an abundant selection of high quality promotional products at affordable prices for your business, organization, or event. Whether you are here for appreciation gifts for employees, academic incentives for students, or awareness products for fundraising efforts, we are sure you will find countless items to meet your needs within budget.

Better Quality Embroidery And Printing 

Promotional products can be a great marketing tool for business or an effective approach to spread an important message whether that is a call for awareness for a cause or to boost morale in the office. Putting your name on promotional products is a surefire way to ensure your organization's image is on display and highlighted in a positive fashion with little extra effort required.

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